in Ramblings

In is hot, stuffy, stifling, claustrophobic, getting the boiler fixed, spending valuable time painting skirting boards, trying to get a nail in a supporting wall but only getting as far as mutilating it under the pressure of a swift claw hammer blow, 771 channels and nothing to watch, being bored, burned toast, `I wish they’d give it a rest upstairs’, running out of washing powder, ironing, annoying yourself that you still haven’t learned to cook after all this time, cheese singles, doing emails, losing four hours of the day to YouTube, trawling the internet, using old magazines as coasters, forgetting to drink that coffee and now its got a skin on it, old bananas, having nothing to wear, a sea of takeaway menus, getting butter on your chinos, old board games with loads of pieces missing, getting round to painting the spare room but, really, never getting round to it, playing washing up Buckaroo, making up games to do with washing up, a limescale issue around the bathroom taps and kettle filament, kicking those dirty clothes under the bed as a quick fix, hiding, household admin stuff, talking to a robotic woman on the phone trying to pay the council tax, constant spillages on that sofa that set you back a stupid amount of money, wondering where your money has gone again.

Go Outside.