in Rants

No Drama = No Attention

Made In Chelsea
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Geordie Shore

Not only would I rather wipe my arse with sandpaper than watch any of the above tripe, they’ve informed a generation that it’s perfectly acceptable to trade any ounce of dignity and self respect for minimum wage. They’re full of drama, false or otherwise, which seems to have perpetuated into everyday life for any tit who watches it.

The problem is that when you don’t invite drama into your life, you risk being forgotten about entirely. Everyone has drama, some of us however chose not to broadcast it to the world… That doesn’t mean we don’t want your attention it just means you’ll have to work a bit fucking harder to find out what’s going on in our life than a quick refresh on Facebook. But wait, that’s the next issue… We’re so fucking lazy now and require everything in an instant, that’s just not going to happen.