in Food for Thought

I’m hesitant to post anything about the referendum.

I respect all of you for whatever you voted, it’s your democratic right to do so, our forefathers fought to give us that right.

Just like the Labour/Tory situation, one side felt morally superior and were more willing to post their views publicly. A majority, albeit a very small one, in a vote with a record high turnout has decided this fairly.

A lot of people were torn between the two sides, and neither campaign should be proud of the way it presented its case. Just remember that either way was a leap into the dark – neither side could paint a good picture of the future. Neither side gave a clear plan of action with regards to the concerns the people had (have), whether they related to overpopulation, sovereignty, financial security, terrorism or anything else

Whether you voted remain or leave that’s your business, now we must move forward as a nation and look to what the future holds. What we shouldn’t do is push our own political agendas on to others and insult their intellect and name call just because you happen to disagree.┬áVoting leave does not make you “racist” or “an idiot”. It means your personal priorities, on balance, favour the arguments of one side over the other. It will take years, if not decades, to know whether we did the right thing.