in Food for Thought

Same Shit, Different Era.

I like newsletters, you only need 2-3 and you’re set. More than that and it’s just noise. Choose carefully. Hiut Denim’s is great, as is a guy called Josh Spector… not sure how I came to be on his list but this landed the other day and made me smile:


Take a breath.

The world’s not coming to an end. It’s just been amplified.

That’s what social media has done.

Made the good feel like utopia.

Made the bad feel like the apocalypse.

Neither is accurate.

The truth is our world is as full of the good, bad, and ugly as it’s always been.

What’s changed is our perception of it.

Just because things feel bigger, doesn’t mean they are.

Keep that in mind the next time you check your social feed.