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Rubbish. They Wouldn’t Do That.

The government hired sex workers to dose “johns” with LSD for research purposes so to speak?

Operation Midnight Climax


The US Government would relocate over 1,600 Nazi Scientists for it’s own benefit?

Operation Paperclip


A plan for the CIA to commit terrorist actions against US Civilians across the United States and frame Cuba, allowing them the right to invade and depose Castro and the communist government there?

Operation Northwoods


People living on the west coast of Japan who were going for walks on the beach got kidnapped by North Koreans in submarines, to take them to train their spies in the Japanese language and culture?

North Korean abductions of Japanese citizens


Investigative reporter Gary Webb who linked the CIA to America’s introduction to cocaine committed suicide…

…by shooting himself, twice, in the head.


The CIA set up fake brothels in order to secretly test various psychoactive drugs on the “customers” via spiked drinks. Also testing said drugs on military personel, the mentally ill, and others, withouth their knowledge or consent?

Project MKUltra


CIA, MI6, Interpol and various European intelligence agencies carried out terrorist attacks against their own people across Europe in order to blame it on the Russians during the cold war?

Operation Gladio