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Hustle Pornstars

I think the hustle porn stars (…) have convinced the whole world that success in the digital world is about screaming look at me, look at me, look at me. They’ve perpetuated this thing we call the me disease as though people give a shit about what you had for breakfast on Instagram.

People care about themselves, they don’t care about you.

So so first of all this sort of perpetuating of stupidities saying stuff like you don’t even have to be a creator. Just document everything you do. As if anybody gives a fuck like we’re all watching The Truman Show. It’s asinine. And then this business about hustle itself. These idiots have said things like hustle is the most important word in the English language.


To tell people to hustle your entire career. You’re gonna wake up at 50 years old, you’re going to be overweight. You’re gonna look like shit and you’re gonna feel like shit. And your spouse will divorce you and your children will not recognise you. People like these idiots have said things like ‘ah, no one died from working too hard.’ Really? In Japan, they have a word for it. It’s called karoshi. Because it means death by work.

Christopher Lochhead on Future Work/Life with Ollie Henderson